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Terminal Velocity was formed in 2011 by three dedicated gamers in our favorite Game Gone Wrong, War Inc. Battlezone, as a rebirth of the gone but not forgotten clan, Circle of Bosses.  Soon « V » became a dominating force, attracting both top tier players and rampant hackusations. 

The carnage wrought by the clan eventually culminated in what was known as Project: JUGGERNAUT, resulting in the clan somehow winning the entire internet, and altering the axis of the Earth by 0.072 degrees. « V » was at the time prepared and eager to engage in a glorious clan war with the other top clans of War Inc. who were as much friends as honored foes. However, on November 17th, the One Patch to Ruin Them All spread it's rot upon the land. 

Once the long, painful, dragged out, & plain agonizing death of War Inc. seemed inevitable, the core membership moved on to other titles, and the group became a multi-game clan. « V » is also the Official Gaming Clan of Extended-Replay's XRP Crew.

No matter what game is played, the founding principals that comprise the three cardinal rules of the clan remain the same...

  1. Treat all gamers with respect at all times.
  2. Cheating and hacking is not to be tolerated.
  3. Game fair and have fun.

Terminal Velocity is open to any gamer who can uphold these principals. INQUIRE WITHIN.
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